“Book of the month”  Snapdragons Nursery   “This wonderful story of loss and the joy of finding what was lost, with its beautiful child centred illustrations will I hope, engage and delight your child”. “We were reading your book again today Thomas, Emily and I . (Thomas 3 soon) is already able to predict the next sentence. I enjoy it too! “ M Woodford (Teaching Assistant) Bishops Stortford “I bought your lovely book and gave it to Lilly (3). She and I read it and read it. Well done! When is the next one coming out?” J Giles (Headteacher) Wiltshire Such a beautiful book. Gorgeous illustrations and a lovely story. There are lots of things for children to find in the pictures. t's such an easy message for a young child to grasp. We'll done on a superb book! Can't wait for the next one. Ms Drapes This is such a delightful book, for children and Adults! The pictures really bring it alive and the children I have read it to are enraptured by the story! Highly recommend it! C. Carola
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