Have Fun
© Victoria Cullen Made with Xara You could use your own toys to act out the story. Use words, signs, symbols or pictures of the toys to show your child and see if they can guess the sign or symbol then ask “can you jump with your ...........?”See if they were able to guess the sign or picture. Play hide and seek with the toys. Try part hiding them under the bed. Make a den with the toys. Move to some music like a dragon or a bear or whatever animal you choose. Dance with your toys. Maybe add some instruments. Try going on an imaginary boat or rocket trip. Find or make up some songs about rabbits, bears, ducks and dragons. Make playdoh models of the toys and re tell the story with them. Use paints, colage materials or similar to make pictures or books. Try matching words with the words in the story. Play snap with the words in the story. Try some sentence building “dragon and bear”